Introduction to Workplace Skills

This module introduces you to work practices and work environment for a typical emerging Web/Digital Designer in Australia.

It looks at aspects of the industry such as standards, trends, copyright, where to find resources on the topic, and WH&S.

We explore the tools available to do the job such as software skills/ design skills, communication skills and we determine what a healthy and productive work environment should be like.

This module assesses two units and should take 3 to 4 weeks (30-40 hrs). has more details on each unit:

Recognition of Prior Learning (Recognition)
If you feel you already have the necessary skills to be assessed for these two units, then simply do the two Assessment Tasks or apply for "Recognition".

If you choose Recognition, check whether the evidence you have matches the Elements and Performance Criteria from the units.

Evidence can be gathered from sources such as Position Statements, Job Descriptions, Work Examples, Projects, Portfolios, References, Peer Assessments, Awards, Reviews etc. See your teacher on how to apply for recognition.

If however, you feel you don't have the skills or evidence yet, then read on.

CUAIND301 | Work effectively in the Creative Arts Industry 

In brief, this unit addresses the following topics:

A graduate of this Cert3 Screen & Media course would be expected to enter the workforce as an entry-level Web/Digital Designer. To give you a better understanding of what a Web/Digital Designer might do, where they fit in and where they go to learn more about their profession, work your way through this Learning Task.

Learning Task: Research (12hrs)

Answer these short questions using MS Word, around 3-4 pages A4.

Resources can be found from online searches and L'ton TasTAFE Library ( look for texts around 741.606 related to "design business, web design business").

  1. A Web Designer used to have a very limited range of responsibilities. These days however, the term "Web Designer" encompasses an expanding wide range of skills. Using SEEK, search for jobs available using the term "web designer". From this search, make a list of 10 unique jobs within this field, describing each and include the key skills the employer is looking for.
  2. Develop a checklist of what you see as "desirable qualities" for a successful Web/Digital Designer working in a team in a typical Design Agency. Hint: Here is a list of personal attributes and key skills (pdf) that new employees in any industry (in Australia) are expected to have. In addition to these qualities, list at least six other skills a Web/Digital Designer should have. Mention any emerging technologies you think they should be familiar with.
  3. What would you say are the typical roles within a large (more than five employees) team working in a Design Agency? Hint: There should be a manager at the very least. Cite sources of info.
  4. List the typical responsibilities for each of those employees eg. "Admin. Assistant is responsible for front-line reception and updating our website." Cite sources of info.
  5. Contrast the roles of a sole operator compared to a large studio. What are the advantages/ disadvantages of working as a sole-operator? List sources of info.
  6. What are the main peak bodies and organisations for the Web // Interactive Digital Media Industry here in Australia and what roles do they play? (find at least three). Cite sources of info.
  7. How would you maintain your industry skills and knowledge of industry trends in this field? Describe your strategy. Cite sources of info.
  8. In your own words, define the following; UX, UI, What's a Front-End Developer? What's a Back-End Developer? Cite sources of info.
  9. In your own words, explain what a "Startup" is. Identify a Startup Community or "Incubator" near to you and describe their aims, their contact info and what they offer.
  10. Find a startup from anywhere that has experienced tremendous success and describe its product and explain why you think it was so successful. Cite sources.
  11. Identify at least Ten learning resources that you find most useful for Web Design (UX/UI) and Web Development (developing the scripting/ programming/ code). Cite sources.

Sbmission Guide
Submit your Word doc using the assignment tool.

Further Support:
If you need a hand with this task, visit our Industry Forum.


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Assessment Task: Checklist | Role play as a web design business sole operator (20hrs)

This assessment uses a scenario to test your understanding of issues related to starting-up a Digital Agency/ Web Design business in Australia.

You're about to start-up as a sole operator of a Digital Agency / Web Design Business in Australia.

Create a checklist of items, each with a short description, that helps ensure the best chance of success for your business. This can "blossom" to a massive document or more correctly, series of documents, so use your judgement about what to include/ exclude.

Include the most relevant information and discard items you feel aren't that important.


Submission Guide
Submit the following for assessment using the Assignment Tool:

  • MS Word doc. min. four pages A4, 11pt bodycopy using a layout according to your own style. Add illustrations / images if necessary.
  • Cover page to inlude unit name and code, task title, your name, date of final document version.
  • Spell-checked, grammar checked and written in a standard register (aka "tone")

Assessment Criteria

At a minimum you need to address the following information :

  • Copyright (consequences of infringing copyright, how copyright is enforced, list organisations that deal with copyright and who owns copyright)
  • Govt. Legislation (mention wages/ conditions/ awards, what sort of licensing, Tax issues)
  • Infrastructure (rent, electricity, equipment)
  • Software Tools (suggest choices, open source? commercial?)
  • Hardware Tools (suggest choices)
  • Human Resources (despite being a sole operator you may employ or outsource, briefly describe what "outsourcing" is and suggest a policy for your business
  • Business Promotion (suggest a strategy to promote your business)
  • Handling Clients (describe a strategy for obtaining clients and maintaining clients)
  • Tracking Jobs/ tracking clients. Suggest a strategy for this, recommend some software apps that you think would help to do this.
  • WH&S (briefly describe a strategy to monitor WH&S and keep yourself and your clients healthy)
  • Finance (what you need to do to get finance for a small business, describe your finance strategy)
  • Professional Development (suggest ways of keeping skills up-to-date, industry networks)
  • Communication Strategy (briefly describe a strategy for communication eg. Press Releases/ how you answer the telephone/ email etiquette/ tweet/ Facebook / face-to-face / hosting clients, html-emails, promotional website)
  • Mission Statement | Define what a mission statement is, then suggest one for your own Digital Agency.



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BSBWHS201 | Contribute to health and safety of self and others

As a Digital / Web Designer there are things you need to be aware of that will ensure a healthy working environment for you, your colleagues and your clients.

The following task will introduce you to the scope and value of WH&S.

Learning Task: Role Play Scenario (5 hrs)

This task requires you to find out what a risk assessment is and then identify a variety of potential risks that exist in a typical Digital Agency environment.

What's a risk assessment ?

  • Describe what a risk assessment is in your own words.
  • Describe the difference between a hazard and a risk.

Scenario | List the Risks
Assuming you work as a sole operator in a home-based Digital Agency, make a list using MS Word or similar to make a list of the risks facing you while working.

For each item suggest a way to manage or even eliminate the risk.

The expectation is you can find at least thirty potential safety risks.


Submission Guide
Save as a Word doc with a cover page including your course title, name, document date, task title and submit using the Assignment Tool, do not publish to your blog.


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Assessment Task: Role Play / WH&S Induction Powerpoint (8-12 hrs)

This assessment uses a role play scenario to test your understanding of WH&S issues that apply to a modern Australian Digital / Web Agency.

You are a Digital/ Web Designer in such a studio and your manager asks you to develop a Powerpoint presentation that can be used as:

  1. Part of an induction process for new employees
  2. A way to "refresh" current employees' awareness of the Agency's WH&S practices


Assessment Crtieria:
You aren't expected to cover all aspects of WH&S in a studio but you need to cover all the Knowledge Criteria from the unit description.

Here's a guide to what you are expected to include:

  • Describe the studio's induction process for new employees
  • Describe the studio's safety procedures eg. what happens when the fire alarm goes off?
  • Describe the studio's equipment safety check process
  • Who the designated safety representative is (use fictitious personas in this case)
  • List ten existing & potential hazards in the studio.
  • Choose three of these risks and describe a procedure for controlling these risks.
  • Describe a procedure for reporting risks and incidents (include description of documentation process and personnel that need to be involved).
  • Describe the studio's meetings/ inspection and consultative process for WH&S issues
  • Describe the procedure for emergencies (fire, injury, assault, power-outages).
  • Which WH&S legislation applies to your situation and where can you find out about it? Cite source.
  • List responsibilities of employees under relevant health and safety legislation
  • Define "Duty Holder" and summarise their responsibilities under the relevant WH&S Act.
  • Identify up to eight commonly used hazard signs and safety symbols. Include relevant artwork.

You're an emerging Digital Designer so it's expected your presentation will adhere to Design Fundamentals such as unity of colour, unity of type, flow, focus, texture, alignment / spatial association, appropriate typeface and effective use of whitespace.

Submission Guidelines
As a general guide, aim for around 400 to 500 words (around 10 to 20 slides) , add artwork/ diagrams as needed to assist in communication.

Use your preferred online presentation tool such as Google Slides, Slideshare, Presi, Open Office Impress or MacOSX Keynote


Once published, submit the URL of your online presentation using the Assignment Tool.



Hints and Tips on making effective Powerpoint presentations


WorkCover Tasmania

Safety Institute of Australia

WorkSafe Saskachewan (Canadian resource; great info)

Noupe | List of Powerpoint / Keynote Templates

Cert 3 Screen & Media | Industry Forum


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