Lesson 9: Assessment

Introduction to the Assessments

If you've worked through the previous eight lessons you should now have an introductory understanding of design terminology and the benefits of applying design principles to your artwork.

You should also be in a position to do the assessments.

The Tasks

There are two tasks, one based on a web layout scenario, the other one based on the Rules of Composition for Photography.

Download both Assessment Packages (MS Word doc) from our LMS and follow the instructions.

These instructions explain what you need to supply as evidence, how you supply it and expectations of performance (what you need to do to pass).


If there's anything in the instructions that doesn't make sense get in touch via email or our Design Forum.

Module Summary

In this module we explored the Fundamentals of Design. You should now be in a position to apply these to your artwork to make it easier for your viewers to understand your message and ultimately adding value to what you're creating, from responsive web site to smart phone app to newsletter to beer coaster.


If you intend to grow your skills further, you need to immerse yourself in design resources, receiving and acting on feedback and practice.