Lesson 4: Assessment | Model a low-poly game asset

This lesson is where you demonstrate your understanding of modelling by modelling a game asset. You are expected to model an asset of medium detail such as a character, environment or vehicle. Simply modelling a crate is not enough.

If you've worked through the previous lessons you should be in a position to do the assessment.

Assessment Task: Model a game asset (8-12 hrs)

This assessment tests your understanding of modelling a game asset. You don't need to texture or UV map it, simply provide the mesh.

In addition you need to support your model with a Design Document that addresses all the criteria for the unit such as OH&S, copyright, modelling strategy, characteristics of target platform etc.

Assessment Guide
Assessed against the following:

  • Your model meets design requirements and production deadlines
  • You have collaborated with others to clarify requirements, discuss techniques, select modelling software and review models (email feedback is recommended)
  • Integrity of the mesh; no redundant sub-objects, no holes, no n-gons, tris and quads only
  • Complexity of the mesh; the lower the polycount, the better
  • All deliverables supplied
  • Design Document addresses the criteria in the CUAANM303 Assessment Package.

Submission Guide
Refer to the Assessment Package for submission requirements. See your teacher to obtain the latest version of the Assessment Package.

Learning Support
If you need help with the assessment instructions, ask for help in our 3D forum.


Chris Adams | 2017


At the end of this module you should now have an entry-level understanding of how to build low-poly 3d models, where to learn more about the craft and what the best strategies are for modelling assets for various platforms.