Lesson 3: Introduction to 3D Modelling | House

In this lesson we make a low-poly house. This task introduces more practice with low-poly modelling tools & techniques such as


The following Youtube clips (parts 1 through to 5) from Zac Blakeley provide instruction on how to model a simple low-poly house. Each clip is around 10 -15 mins.

Learning Task 5: Model a low-poly house (8-12 hrs)

Follow the instruction in Parts 1 to 5 from the Zac Blakeley Youtube clips to make your own house.

The primary goal here is more practice with extruding, working the viewports, optimizing anatomy, minimising redundant anatomy.

You aren't expected to UV unwrap or texture it, simply model it.

Submission Guide
Submit your finished model via email in .max format for feedback.

Learning Support
Supporting video demos are available via our shared Google Drive.

In addition, if you get stuck, ask for help in our 3D forums.


Chris Adams | 2017


This lesson gave you more practice with low-poly modelling with an emphasis on optimising a mesh to reduce redundant artwork.

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