Lesson 2: Introduction to 3D Modelling | Stylized Chest

In this lesson we make a stylized chest. This task introduces further valuable low-poly modelling tools & techniques such as


The following Youtube clip (parts 1 and 2) provides instruction on how to model a simple stylized (cartoon) chest.

Note: it doesn't mention units so set your User prefs/ Units to centimetres.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgC-8Y4FmS0

Learning Task 4: Stylized Chest (8-12 hrs)

Follow the instruction in Parts 1 and 2 from the Edge-CGI Youtube clips to make your own stylized chest.

You can download this reference image (.jpg) to help you.

The primary goal here is to become more familiar with how to add detail and form at a sub-object level in a low-poly model scenario. This is especially important when modelling game or 3d printing assets.

Ensure you don't have any redundant or overlapping anatomy (weld overlapping vertices).

You aren't expected to UV unwrap or texture it, simply model it.

Submission Guide
Submit your finished model via email in .max format for feedback.

Learning Support
A supporting video demo is available via our shared Google Drive.

In addition, if you get stuck, ask for help in our 3D forum.


Chris Adams | 2017


At the end of this lesson you should now have an introductory level understanding of some of the essential tools and techniques required to design and create low-poly 3D models.

Next lesson: More low-poly modelling